Teen Fashions for Back to School

Teen Fashions for Back to School

With September ending and the summer coming to a close you can’t walk into a store anywhere and not see back to school sales.  Most teens have a love/hate relationship with back to school shopping and parents aren’t exactly having fun either.  Kids are excited about getting new stuff but not so much about going back to school.  Parents have the opposite problem, they like back to school but not having to spend a fortune.  Then there is the problem of pleasing both a parent and a fashion conscious teen, but you can find teen fashions for back to school.  However with a bit of planning you can achieve both.

Planning is everything

If you want to make sure that your shopping excursion is at least pleasant then you need to do some planning.  First sit your teen down and discuss the budget for all the new clothes.  If you make your teen understand exactly how much you intend to spend on new clothes you can avoid arguments in the store later.  The hottest sneakers are great but not if they take up the entire back to school budget.

Check fashion magazines and websites

Once you have figured out the budget, then have a look at some popular websites like Forever 21 or H&M they have affordable clothes for the fashion forward teen.  You may not understand your teen’s choices but looking at websites catering to teens may help you understand their choices.  Fashion magazines are another way to help you understand what your teens want and get an idea of some prices.  Here is a look at some back to school fashions for teens.

Even though your child may be a teen and doesn’t exactly play in the dirt anymore they are still going to need clothes that are strictly for school and others for recreational times.  You should also understand your school’s dress code, should they have one and make sure that the clothes are appropriate.  Teens need a bit more freedom when it comes to selecting casual clothing for outside of school.

Start with basic pieces

Start with the basics and for a teen that may very well be jeans and hoodies.  Basics though can be mixed and matched into any number of combinations and paired up with some accessories to change the entire look.  Basics are the staple of any wardrobe, for an adult that might be a little black dress but for a teen you need to remember that basics are jeans and yoga pants.

Try and remember that your teen is going to have very different taste from you and as long as it doesn’t violate the dress code at school then it is easier to go along to get along.

5 Tips to Help You Shop For Jewelry Online

5 Tips to Help You Shop For Jewelry Online

Most of us spend our days rushing around and looking for ways to get things done quicker and more efficiently.  The internet has done so much to make our lives easier and reduced stress especially when it comes to shopping.  Right now you can buy almost anything you want online.  This includes buying jewelry as well, there are tons of online retailers that sell watches and jewelry items.  You might be a little intimidated buying jewelry online so here are 5 tips to help you shop for jewelry online and make the whole experience safer, easier and reduce your worry.

  1. Find a store that sells brand name products like watches and jewelry. Check and make sure that the online jewelry store has a FAQs  or Frequently Asked Questions page, it can offer lots of information on their products and shipping.  They may already have the answers to any questions that you have about jewelry or watches you may want to buy.
  2. The online jewelry store should have an online search function. Almost every eCommerce store will offer this option but how easy it is to navigate may easy or fairly complicated.  Search boxes make the site far more functional.
  3. Look for a review section and check out the reviews that customers have put there. Reviews are pretty subjective but they can also give you some insight as to whether this is a reputable dealer with good merchandise.  That being  said if you do buy something on a website make sure that you leave your own review of the site to help future customers just like you.
  4. The website needs to be secure. Any eCommerce site that sells anything needs to indicate that the order page has a secure connection.  You should see some “trust” seals on the order page.  You will find them from companies like Verisign or BBB Online.  You can click on the seal and it will validate that the security for the site is functioning and up to date.There is another way to make sure that the site is secure and that is to look at the URL in the address bar.  Your regular websites that don’t sell products, the URL will begin with “http” on the other hand a site that has security will begin with “https”.  The “s” on the end means that they are using secure encryption software.  If you see a padlock icon near the address bar will also indicate security.
  1. Last but not least make sure that you check the website’s Privacy Policy. Privacy policies tell you what information they want to collect from you and how they intend to use it.  If there is no privacy policy there then go to another website.  Privacy policies let you know what they intend to do with your information.

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your money that include online and offline shopping.